Relative pronouns and adverbs Jeopardy Game

It’s time for another grammar game! This week it’s all about relative pronouns and relative adverbs.

Before you get to play the game, find out more about the grammar here.

Then have fun playing here! Here’s how to play:

1.Click the arrows to choose how many players or teams you want. Then click ‘Go play’.

2.Click on a number. The higher the number, the harder the question. Make sure you remember which relative pronoun/adverb is at the top of the column: that, who which, where or when.

3. Combine the two sentences into one sentence using the relative pronoun/adverb from the column in step 2. If a sentence is in parentheses […], it should go in the middle of the first sentence.

Say your answer out aloud and then click on Answer.

4. Click on ‘Adjust score’ and then click on your team’s ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ button. Your score will change.

5. Click on ‘Home’ and choose another question.

Have fun!


Relative pronouns and adverbs Jeopardy Game」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed the adverbs jeopardy game! You are great to be able to find such a fun game! The website of relative pronouns grammar is so beneficial to English learners. It was’t easy but I was able to review and understand the new grammar through solving all questions. The website made me understand well because it explained my errors clearly if I click ” replace wrong by correct answers “. I did so then the correct sentences came out and then when I clicked my wrong sentence, the plain explanation came out. I had a great English time. Thank you!


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