Running my first half marathon

I don’t often write about my personal life on my blog, but today I thought I would. I have just completed my first half marathon today. I am now feeling really exhausted but happy. Actually, I don’t know how people run twice that distance! At school I was a sprinter (a 100-200m runner), so this is quite an achievement for me.

I was lucky too today, as I met a couple of my students, and actually ran most of the course with one of them. He is a veteran runner, having completed many marathons and even 100km ultra marathons, and he really gave me motivation, as well as telling me our pace. A friend also came to cheer me on at the half way point, and that really gave me a boost. I have to say as the race went on, it got harder and harder, and the last two kilometres, when I split from my running partner, were really hard – the last kilometre felt like five! However, I was really pleased with my time and position, considering it was my first race and the fact that there is still a sprinter inside me at heart! I managed to cross the finish line without throwing up (!), got my prizes of a much needed energy drink, a certificate, and hot sweet bean and rice cake soup, and then met up with my students again to celebrate our achievements.

I then had to summon up the energy to get myself home. Me being me, had cycled the 10km from my home, so now had to do the reverse. Having not much left in reserve I changed gear to go up a little slope, and what happened? My chain came off and got jammed!! Oh no! It actually took me a good 20 minutes or so to get the damn thing back on. I had images of having to push it home, and how that was going to happen, I wasn’t sure! Anyway, I did it, and with very oily hands, but now a happy heart and the wind behind me I made it home for a lovely hot bath…and a beer! Am now refuelling with a pizza-man (steamed bun with pizza filling inside). I’m not sure they would be on a nutritionist’s list of post running energy sources, but they are going down a treat!

So, having cycled, got a bit rained on, and run, does that count as a triathlon?!! No? What about having had a bath afterwards?!ImageImage





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  1. You did the first half marathon! Great! In the second photo, on the side of a truck after you, the logo of ” SAZAE TOKACHI OHAGI ” is written , this company is very familiar to Hokkaido people and ” Ohagi ” is ” rice cake with sweet bean paste” , SAZAE ( company’s name ) are one of the marathon sponsors? so you had a hot sweet bean and rice cake soup ” OSHIRUKO”!
    When you are so tired with playing sports, anything sweet is pretty much good! Anyway, Congratulations!!! I’m proud of you.
    But after that, your bike’s chain came off and got jammed, oh, no!
    But today is your memorable day, I guess.
    You really did your best today!
    Thanks for telling your great news!
    I need to start to do some exercise soon for the ski season.
    I’ll do my best , too.

  2. Thanks, Fuyu. Yes, I had oshiruko.


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