If you have a bit of time, (well actually, quite a bit of time), and a dictionary to hand (ideally a speaking one or one with the IPA phonetic script), and if you fancy a challenge, then have a watch of, and listen to, a poem written in 1922 by a guy called Gerard Nolst Trenité (who definitely sounds far more French than English!). Here in British English pronunciation or here in American English. It’s brilliant.

Here‘s another one, just as good, and a bit easier.




  1. Hi! I watched 3 videos and I thought the writer of the poem was so great because he made it using a lot of confusing words for English learners.
    Amazing! Extracting from the poem, ” Corpse Corps ” ” Sword Sward ” ” Friend Fiend ” …… etc, they aren’t easy to recognize the differences.
    And in the 3rd video, there are a lot of useful tips for English pronunciations such as ” CHI → K Architect ” ” Never pronounce P Psychologist ” …… I’m going to learn them little by little. Thank you.

  2. Yes, they are super poems, aren’t they? Thanks for not only reading, but watching and commenting too, Momo.



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