The difference between ‘to’ and ‘for’

I’d like to share with you a lesson from one of my favourite English learning websites, Espresso English. It’s about when to use ‘to’ and ‘for’. I think it’s really useful. What do you think?

Difference between TO and FOR

Don’t say: “I’m studying every day for improve my English.”

Say: “I’m studying every day to improve my English.”
The prepositions to and for are very easy to confuse! Here are some rules:

Use TO in these cases:

  • Destination
    “We’re going to Paris.”
  • What time it is
    “It’s a quarter to 2.”
  • Distance
    “It’s about ten miles from my house to the university.”
  • Comparing
    “I prefer sleeping to working.”
  • Giving
    “I gave the book to my sister.”
  • Motive/Reason – with verb
    “I came here to see you.”
Use FOR in these cases:
  • Benefits
    “Yogurt is good for your digestion.”
  • Period of time
    “We’ve lived here for 2 years.”
  • Schedule
    “I made an appointment for May 3.”
  • Agree with
    “Are you for or against the development of nuclear weapons?”
  • Doing something to help someone
    “Could you carry these books for me?”
  • Motive/Reason – with noun
    “Let’s go out for a drink.”
  • Function – with verb (-ing form)
    “A ladle is a big spoon used for serving soup.”
As you can see in #6, TO or FOR can be used for a motive/reason, but TO is always with a verb, and FOR is always with a noun. Here’s a good example:
  • I came to New York to work.
  • I came to New York  for a new job.


Why don’t you try writing some of your own example sentences and posting them to me?


The difference between ‘to’ and ‘for’」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thank you FOR teaching me the difference between TO and FOR.
    I’ll go skiing TO Teine Highland FOR the first time this year next week.
    I’m really looking forward TO it.
    I can’t wait FOR it.
    The white season has started!


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