Speaking is speaking, right?

Speaking is speaking, right?

So what is talking? And when do you say something rather than tell it? Find out the differences between these confusing words here.

But speaking is speaking, right?

But what about when you speak loudly, or happily, excitedly or quietly? These adverbs can help us describe how we speak, but in this on-line lesson, you can learn 16 other ways to talk about how you speak. Check it out here.


Speaking is speaking, right?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thank you for teaching me the 16 other ways to talk about how you speak.
    OK, I’ll write my latest experience on the subway.
    I saw a man who was about 25 and stood by the door.
    He talked to himself as rambling, mumbling and sometimes yelling.
    He yelled ” Merry Christmas! ” and ” Nihon ham fighters! “, repeated ” Watch your step when you get off ” as copying the Japanese announcement then he mumbled something.
    Occasionally, I see such a young man on the subway. lol.

  2. Well done for writing ABOUT your latest subway experience. So he was rambling and mumbling to himself, and sometimes yelling, was he? At least he seemed happy, and kind of helpful, warning people to watch their step!



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