Funny sounding words in English

Some words just sound funny, don’t they?

Want to hear and learn 40 of the funniest sounding words in English? Then click here, and get ready to practise.

I hope they make you giggle, and don’t sound too much like gibberish or gobbledygook! (You’ll find the words in italics in the lesson.)


Funny sounding words in English」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! A lot of new words! I only knew 5 words so I need to learn more words. The sounds of the words I like are ” Wishy-washy ( best ) ” , ” Squelch ” , ” hullabaloo ” , ” hodgepodge “, ” Fuddy-duddy ” and ” itty-bitty “. I’m going to make the sentences using the words.
    I went to Teine Highland ski resort today. I was going to look forward to skiing, but I left my ski-season pass of Teine in my flat.
    I was so DISCOMBOBULATED. I was stupid. I thought I was going to FINAGLE that I got on the lift as if I had had the ski pass , but I didn’t do that. I’m a honest person.
    I was in the restaurant until I got on the bus for JR sat. Teine. I killed time by DOODLING in my notebook while talking with my friends on the mobile phone.
    It’s Sat and in the middle of school holidays for children so I was FLABBERGASTED at a lot of children and their parents there. Some of children were so RAMBUNCTIOUS to run , say something loud, make SHENANIGANS , make a HULLABALLOO and play with their friends. Some child suddenly touched his friend’s back then he SKEDADDLED right away and some children SQUABBLED.
    About the off piste, there were partly SHRUBS, but I think it’s no problem to ski or snowboard there.
    I forgot to write that I polished my GOGGLES by a soft cloth in the restaurant while waiting the bus.
    I heard an old man said something to his grandson and I couldn’t understand his talk well because he wore a mask over his mouth.
    And then I remembered that fisherman’s words are often difficult to understand, they are GIBBERISH. They speak with their own accent and words. I’m Japanese but I can’t.
    I couldn’t ski today, but I’ll ski so hard tomorrow in order to remove my BLUBBER on my berry ( love handles ).

  2. This is wonderful, Fuyu! It’s the best way to learn new words, by using it. Well done!
    By the way, it’s ll for belly, rr is for fruit like strawberry etc. Try to remember your mouth position for each word to help you remember the spelling.


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