-ful and -less, more or less

As I’ve mentioned before, I love this site, Espresso English. Here’s their latest offering for you:

Today you’re going to learn one of the “shortcuts” to expanding your vocabulary – focusing on prefixes and suffixes, the beginnings and endings of words.

The word “colorful” means “full of color,” and the word “colorless” means “without color.”

…but some of these words aren’t as simple as they seem!

For example, “fruitful” doesn’t necessarily mean “full of fruit,” the opposite of “helpless” is NOT “helpful,” and there’s a difference between “mindful” and “thoughtful.”

Take today’s lessons to learn all the details  😉


-ful and -less, more or less」への2件のフィードバック

  1. There are a lot of the differences to use these -FUL and -Less , aren’t there? I didn’t know the difference between Tasty and Tasteful.
    I’ll make the sentences using these words.
    I went skiing yesterday.
    I was DOUBTFUL if the weather changed better or not, ( It was so foggy in the mountains , I couldn’t see the front well . ) but I decided to ski in off piste and a bump-course.
    You know, in off piste, the snow is so deep but so soft like a powder, skiing there is HARMLESS for your body.
    I was FEARLESS of skiing there, but I almost hit a tree, then I thought I was MINDLESS and I should have been more MINDFUL to ski. And then I went to the bump-course and I thought there was a HOPEFUL sign of the weather when I saw the sky. I started to ski there but the snow condition was really hard and bumpy so skiing there was PAINFUL to me.
    I was HELPLESS against the bump-course. I thought I should have heard from a ski-infomation desk about a FRUITFUL information of that course, but after skiing, I was CHEERFUL because I was able to ski a lot
    although the weather wasn’t good. Yes, skiing make me so CHEERFUL!
    I heard that ski sports were elegant and sophisticated so I need to acquire more GRACEFUL and THOUGHTFUL behavior.
    Thank you for teaching me the new words of -FUL and -LESS.

  2. Well used, Yuki! Using the words will help you remember them. Good practice!



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