Dramatic Poetry

What better way to practise English than writing poetry! The great thing about poetry is that you can write pretty much anything just as you like to express yourself. The rules of poems can be far less strict than other styles of writing so you have much more freedom, and therefore you are far less likely to make any mistakes, as anything goes!

Once again, I’d like to share with you a beautiful poem written by one of my students. Enjoy.

Dramatic life
Are your past and today and future in many sharp pins?
Are there spot lights in your dark night?
Are there lines of words in your silent moment?
Are there small flowers in your street?
And are there stars in your sky?
It’s dramatic.
If you have problems, it’s dramatic.
If you come across a strange moment, it is a dramatic chance.
If you have sad things, it is a dramatic heart.

If you have dream, it is a dramatic mind.
If you don’t succeed until now, it is a dramatic process.
Nevertheless if you want to live in this world, it is dramatic time.
It’s dramatic life.

Dramatic Poetry」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! Superb! I was really impressed with ” Dramatic life “.
    This poetry has a power which can make your life change Dramatically!
    In order to make Dramatic progress in English, I’ll try to write some.
    Thank you!

  2. Well done in using the word ‘dramatic’ so well, Momo. It’s a great way to practice, by using the target vocabulary as many ways as you can.
    I hope you can write your own poetry too.



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