Same spelling, different word

Say aloud the following words:

close close

live live

alternate alternate

desert desert

The Polish polish.

Did you say the pairs of words the same way? …Or did you know that each of the two words can have a different pronunciation and meaning?

I’m sure you already know a few – For example:

Close the door, it’s cold.

I live close to the library.

I once saw The Rolling Stones live in concert.


If you want to find out the meaning and pronunciation of the rest of these words, and more, click on this link.Plus, you can download a FREE Real English Phrases book from the website!

Enjoy learning.


Same spelling, different word」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I looked at the website. ” Wind & Wind ” , ” Wound & Wound “, they are so confusing words, aren’t they?
    ” Tear & Tear & Tore ” is also.
    And I found many SCHWA sounds in the sentences of the website.
    I thought again SCHWA was really important!
    I was just wondering if there are Same spelling & Different word of Japanese.
    I found then below:,

    一月 ( ichigatsu ) January
    一月 ( hitotsuki ) a month

    一足 ( isoku ) a pair of something such as a pair o socks, shoes, …
    一足 ( hitoashi ) a step

    大雪 ( ooyuki ) a lot of snow
    大雪 ( taisetsu ) Mt. taisetsu in Kamikawa region in Hokkaido

    It’s interesting, isn’t it ?

    I need to repeat and learn about the confusing pronunciations’ words.
    Thank you!

  2. That’s great that you are becoming more and more aware of schwa, Yuki.
    And thank you for telling us about the same kanji with different pronunciations and meanings. You’re right, languages are really interesting!


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