Phrases with the word ‘time’

We all know that time is very important in our lives, so it’s no wonder ( = not surprising) that there are lots of expressions in English about it.

Learn 20 phrases here, and then why not try writing your own example sentences using your new vocabulary.



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  1. Yes, time is OF THE ESSENCE In our lives.
    Last night, I HAD A HELL OF A TIME because on my way to my home, I slipped and strewed my purchases on the crossroad.
    I was so embarrassed and then I picked them up in a hurry.
    I had 2 big shopping bags.
    TIME phrases are interesting, aren’t they?
    ” Third time’s of the charm “, ” Time heals all wounds “, ” Time will tell ” and ” The time is ripe “, Japanese also have the same phrases as them ( if you translate them into Japanese, they are just the same. )

    THE TIME IS RIPE so I need to learn English more!

  2. Nicely used, Fuyu.
    It’s interesting to know that you have the same phrases and notions in Japanese too. I wonder if it’s the same in other languages too.


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