Expressing yourself in English

I’d like to share with you again the latest poetry written by one of my students.
Poetry is a great way to enjoy reading and writing and therefore practising English. You also need to be able to write for Eiken and TOEFL. (See our link at the bottom of the page for more information in Japanese.)
Enjoy, and be inspired.
Don’t make numbers.
Don’t make numbers.
For example great things you do by your kindness,
your heart deep inside you,
your hands by your courage,
your tears from your true feelings.
Don’t make numbers your life.
Don’t count your pain, your hopes, your efforts, your voices, your dreams.
Don’t make numbers your world.
The world is huge it can’t make numbers.
Life is vivid it can’t count numbers.
For example money, salary, price, age, life span, blood test, body weight, test score.
They are very ordinary numbers, however
your life your world cannot be allowed to make numbers.
Don’t make numbers your vivid life,
your huge world,
all your true feelings.
It’s not a number.
Don’t make numbers.
by Tomoko Y.

Expressing yourself in English」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It’s the 3rd time of posing your student’s wonderful poetry!
    Every time I read the poetry, I’m tinkling of writing it , but I’ve not yet done.
    Recently, the weather has been like spring, winter might end earlier than usual, I need to write it as I’d like to write about winter and snow.
    Don’t make numbers of body weight, after reading, I was happy, it’s my ordinary numbers! thank you!
    Anyway, I’ll try to write some.

  2. I’m glad you enjoy the poetry, Momo, and that you feel inspired to write, especially about something you love.


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