Silly Sentences to enjoy practising /s/ and /ʃ /

I had another pronunciation lesson at NELS yesterday about the sounds /s/ and /ʃ/ (which is the ‘sh’ sound). As it was over booked, I am repeating the lesson next week too on Sunday 9th March. (See the end of this article for the website link.)

We had fun saying tongue twisters and there were certainly lots of /ssssssssssss/ and /ʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃʃ/ everywhere, so well done to all the students who came – I’m really proud of you! These two sounds are difficult for Japanese English speakers to distinguish, but hopefully now they know HOW to make the sounds, they just need to keep on practising.

At the end of the lesson we enjoyed playing some ‘silly sentence games’ which you too can enjoy by clicking here for /s/ practice, and here for /ʃ/ practice. On these pages, click ‘file’ and ‘download’, and then enjoy making the silly sentences. Remember to stress the /s/ or /ʃ/ sounds, and start saying them slowly. Being clear is better than being fast.




Silly Sentences to enjoy practising /s/ and /ʃ /」への2件のフィードバック

  1. The tongue twisters of ” S ” and ” ∫ ” was so fun !
    At the pronunciation class, for about 2 hours, I really enjoyed learning these difficult pronunciation of ” S ” and “∫ ” sounds.
    I’ll continue to practice pronouncing these sounds using the lesson sheets and a mirror, and I also need to do ” L ” and ” R ” sounds at the previous lesson! Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Yuki.
    I think a really good practice is to slide from /s/ to she, and then from /∫/ to see.
    The more you practice, the more natural and clear your pronunciation will become.


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