Compound words webinar

Recently, I told you about a compound words webinar as a way to learn new words. If you were unable to attend the live sessions, then you can watch it here. You can also download the text so you can read along too.

Enjoy watching and learning, and then practise using your new vocabulary in order to learn it well. Then let me know what you think.



Compound words webinar」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Hi! I watched the video. I found some interesting words on it.
    The most interesting word is ” ZIGZAG “.
    In Japanese, we say ” zigzag ジグザグ ” in the same meaning.
    I didn’t know it’s the same in English and Japanese.
    I love skiing in off-piste.
    I often ski ZIGZAG through tree-run , so I need to be careful not to hit the trees.
    I have a question, on the video, about the word ” JELLYBEANS ( adj. ) ( at 8:36 ) ” , the speaker said ” JELLYBEANS ” is adj. , I think it is also noun.
    Is it right? In my childhood, I had them a lot. I like the color, texture and taste.
    I enjoyed the video. Thank you!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Yuki. Well done for practising using the vocabulary.

    Yes, jelly beans is a noun meaning colorful sweets that are popular with children.


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