Spread the word!

After the latest ‘selfie’ craze of posting a photo of yourself without make-up on to raise money for cancer, I became inspired.

As an English teacher, I want to spread the use of English far and wide, and enable everyone to be teachers so we can all learn from each other. Therefore, I’ve decided to start the sharing of English words. Please help me to ‘spread the word’.

If you could teach someone ONE WORD or PHRASE in ENGLISH, what would it be?

At NELS, I have a box where I am collecting everyone’s words. I’m going to make a display at the school. However, I’d also like to ‘spread the word’ on-line too, so please join in.

Just add your word and name below.



I’ll start with my phrase:


1. Thank you – Hannah




Spread the word!」への1件のフィードバック

  1. 2 This is the life! Momo

    I always think ” this is the life! ” when I’m skiing.



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