Be inspired to write

I’ve been sharing with you some of my student’s poetry and writings. Here’s another to inspire you to write about absolutely anything!

Start from isolation
I have had confidence since I have been studying new subjects and overcoming various illnesses.
When I was a University student, (maybe you will say you are kidding), I was studying and learning chemical physics everyday any time every night, all my student days were spent doing chemical physics without any friends. I was alone, I was isolated.
However I thought I had to become strong by myself and alone. I had to do everything only by the power of myself.
When I entered a company, I was alone in an unfamiliar town. I was a stranger and really alone.
Whenever I always felt isolation I couldn’t be strong.
And I left the town and the company and I returned to my home town with my family and friends.
But I got various illnesses and had to overcome them.
Then I realized some very important things: friends and family and many people are around me.
In this world we have to survive to cooperate together.
We have to meet many people and make relationships with each other and exchange information between us.
I want to become useful to somebody not to have to become stronger.
Maybe there are ordinary things, but I realize from my whole mind of isolation.
I found one of my answers in my life in our life, I realized I need people and relationships, they makes us stronger, we can’t be alone by ourselves.
I started from isolation.
But the answer is not isolation.
Writing is an excellent way to improve your English, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to speak much in English. You also need to be able to write well for TOEFL, TOEIC writing, and 英検。For more information about these courses at NELS, see our homepage.

Be inspired to write」への2件のフィードバック

  1. What a touching poetry! I’m sure the writer is so gentle and considerate
    , thanks for inspiring me.
    Winter will be gone soon, I miss it, I need to write a poetry about snow world until snow melts completely.

    • Yes, spring is all but here so you don’t have long to write some snowy poetry, Fuyu!
      Check my latest post for for how to use ‘until’ and ‘by’.


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