More NELS success!

Today we had three trial lessons for potential new students. Two of them signed up for lessons straight away, and the other is going to get back to us soon. For us, as a new and growing company, it’s been our most successful day! I’m really happy that we are able to convince people that we ARE a great school with SUPER teachers who really CARE about making students LEARN as well as making sure they ENJOY LEARNING English.

Well done to Yoko for all her hard work on teaching herself how to make such a good website which brought our new students through the door in the first place. She works such long hours to make NELS successful and her effort is really starting to pay off (=be worth it).

She spends so much time both behind the scenes, and with students, and is the reason why NELS is here.

If you want to find our what we are really like as an English Language school, please contact us.

If you are already with us, then please share what you think is good about NELS, and what makes NELS different from other language schools to help us spread the word!



More NELS success!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. WOW! EXCELLENT! I’m really happy to hear that.
    You and Yoko always teach us English devotedly and think the best ways of learning English for each students.
    I’m always most grateful to you and Yoko for helping learn English.
    I hope the name of Nels will spread English learners more and more.


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