More TOEIC Success at NELS

Great news today at NELS – one of our students who only started studying with us at NELS two months ago improved his TOEIC score by a massive 155 points!

Score in Feb 2014: 565

Score in March 2014: 720!!!

Congratulations, T!

‘So, how did he do it?’ I hear you ask.

Well, firstly he’s a smart guy and a quick learner, but more importantly, he’s a great student: he listens attentively, he takes notes, he asks questions, and he practices the methods and techniques that we teach him at NELS.

He is the proof that if you apply our methods, you can and will improve!


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More TOEIC Success at NELS」への3件のフィードバック

  1. BLIMEY! That’s a happy new again!
    Congratulations, T san , Hannah and Yoko!
    I’m so glad to be a Nels’s student!


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