Most or Almost

I often hear my students make a mistake when using most and almost, so I’ve got this information to help you. Once you’ve read it, write me your own example sentences using most and almost.



Most or Almost」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It was really easy to understand the difference between ” Almost ” and ” Most “. Thank you!

    I’ll write the sentences using them.

    Oh, this is it! I ALMOST bumped into the revolving door.
    I’d lost myself in using my smartphone.

    The snow is ALMOST being gone.
    That’s too bad.

    I’m ALMOST at the station so you could get on the train ahead.

    I think ALMOST ALL children like this animation.

    MOST results of the tests say that your English is making a improvement.

    I’m sure MOST teenagers think they’ll be like a princess of this story.

  2. Super examples, Yuki!


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