Five out of four!

This week has been NELS most successful week ever! Today we had another trial lesson and we got another new student. This week we’ve enrolled four new students and, as one of them signed up for two courses, have five new enrollees. Yay! That’s a 100% success record – so, if you try our FREE trial lesson with our bi-learning system from a native English teacher and a Japanese English teacher, you too can find out why our potential customers become NELS members.

By the way, how do you write five out of four in numbers? I know it’s different from the Japanese way, so send me your answers!


Five out of four!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Congratulations, again!
    The methods of teaching English ” NELS bi-learning ” is absolutely superb!!!so I always look forward to the lesson!
    And I’m looking forward to NELS’s next event ” Easter & Takoyaki Party ” !


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