Any or every or some?

I recently had a request from a student to give the difference between these words, so I hope this helps.

Any or every

Any child can swim.

Every child can swim.

What’s the difference?

Any looks at one thing at a time. It means ‘whichever one you choose’, or, ‘this OR that OR the other’.

Every looks at things together. It means ‘all’, or, ‘this AND that AND the other’.

Which cake would you like? It doesn’t matter. Any one. (= This one or that one. I don’t mind which one.)

On the tray were cakes of every kind. (This type and this type etc.)

Now try writing your own examples using any or every. Try using every or any + thing, time, one, or where.


Some or Any?

In general:

Use with uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns.

– use some in positive (affirmative) sentences.           e.g. I need some help.

– use any in questions and negative sentences.      e.g. Do we have any homework? I don’t have any money.


– use some in questions if you expect or want people to answer ‘Yes’ as in offers and requests.

e.g. Did you bring some paper? (I expected you to bring paper.)

Would you like some more tea? (offer)

Could I have some more rice, please? (request)

– use any in positive sentences after words that have a negative or limiting meaning.

e.g. I forgot to get any milk. I have hardly any money left. He never gives me any help.

How about writing your own example sentences using some and any?



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Any or every or some?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for teaching us about the difference between ” EVERY ” & ” ANY “.
    I’m often confused about how to use .
    I understand.
    I’ll write the sentences using them.

    A disaster and an accident can happen at ANY TIME and WHERE.

    I’m sure ANY snowboarder loves snowboarding in the fresh and powder snow.

    I left my wallet at home so I don’t have ANY money, could you lend me SOME money?

    EVERY TIME I eat Genghiskhan , I eat it putting a lot of red peppers.

  2. NIce examples, Fuyu.
    Yes, accidents can happen at any time or place. (or any time and anywhere.)
    Snowboarders do love snowboarding in fresh powder snow!
    Every time you eat lamb you put a lot of red pepper on it, do you? Spicy!


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