You CAN understand the news in English!

Understanding the news in another language can be difficult, right? But what if you got a little help with vocabulary? And what about if you could listen to the text too? And how about if you could do a quiz about what you had read? That would make it not only easier, but more interesting and fun too, right?

Well check out this article about super giant squid by the BBC Learning English website, and enjoy understanding the news in English.

You need to be able to understand text like this for 英検 and TOEFL. For more information about NELS classes, click on the links.


You CAN understand the news in English!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Wow! It was really interesting!!! The largest of ” the Giant squids ” was 18 metres across !!! I could hardly believe my eyes!
    ” Giant squid ( DAIO IKA ) is one of the hottest news in Japan.
    When fishermen catch the giant squid in the sea, it has been always broadcasted.
    The fishermen said that they’ve never seen it until they caught it this year.
    They also said that this was weird event and some changes must have breaking out in the sea.
    Some researchers stated that it was because of the global warming and they hoped this event of the big squid wouldn’t cause a big earthquake in Japan.
    After the big earthquake in Tohoku, small earthquakes ( the intensity 1 ~ 3 ) have occurred every day in Japan.
    I’m worried about it.

    By the way, the BBC news website has ” Learning English ” materials .
    I’ve been sometimes checking the news, but I didn’t know that.
    It’s really good for English learners.
    I clicked ” read more about this story ” below the screen and read it, then I tried to do ” do a comprehension test about this story ” below ” read more about this story ” , but I was only able to answer the one question out of six. I tried to answer the next question, but the screen didn’t turn into the next screen. I’m not sure why.

    Thanks for introducing us the news about big squid, I’m so interested in it, so let me know if you catch the new news about it.

  2. I thought you might find this interesting, Yuki. On the quiz, make sure you click ‘submit query’ after you answer the first question and you should be taken to the next page .


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