Fun with s blends

Last week I gave a pronunciation lesson on s blends like sl as in sleep, sp as in spoon, and scr as in scream.

At the end of the lesson the students had fun playing a game to practice their pronunciation of some of the s blends. In the game you create very silly sentences, so it’s really funny. Why don’t you have a go here, then tell me which sentences were the funniest for you!




Fun with s blends」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for the pronunciation lesson on Sun. I’ve been practicing pronouncing ” S blended words on the lesson sheets ” since Sunday, these pronunciations aren’t easy for Japanese people, so it’s really useful.
    I enjoyed the S blends silly sentences at the lesson.

    The 3 funniest sentences are that

    ” A slug drank a slushy while wearing slacks ”

    ” A smirky man ate Smuckers jelly in a smokestack ”

    ” A skeleton drank skim milk on a scooter ”


  2. Haha. Yes, your sentences are silly, aren’t they?! Thanks for sharing them, Momo.


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