Study tips for TOEIC listening…or any listening!

I wanted to share some work from one of our students who is studying on our TOEIC course. To practice not only her listening, but also her writing and spelling, she writes down what she hears, and then when she checks it, she uses a different colour so it is easy to see. What a great way to practice two skills at the same time.


These skills are necessary not just for TOEIC, but also for TOEFL, 英検 and general English too.
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Study tips for TOEIC listening…or any listening!」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Blimey! It’s the best way of learning English.
    The marks of A, B and C in the sheet mean that she confirms that she can listen to the whole sentence clearly or not after she found her mistakes in it ? It’s a great effort for TOEIC !
    You and Yoko always give us the lesson of Repeat & Speak after I listen to your English and the lesson CD’s sentences.
    Thank you always!

  2. Oh, I made a mistake in my sentence .
    after I listen to your English and the lesson CD’s sentences ⇒⇒⇒ after we listened to your English and the lesson CD’s sentences

  3. Thanks, Yuria. Yes we believe that our Repeat ‘n’ Speak method really works to help you improve not only your listening, but also your pronunciation and grammar understanding too.


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