Reading in English

So, you want to read books in English but you don’t know how to find ones which are at the right level for you. You tried reading English children’s books but realised that they were actually too difficult. Don’t worry, I can help you.

A student has just told me about the website he uses to find his English books. He can read reviews of the books in Japanese, find out how difficult the book is, and how long it is. He can then order the book on-line for about 500yen and read it on his i-pad. He says he has read about 25 books in English just this year! Well done Y!

If you want to find out more, click here.


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  1. Oh, I wrote my name by mistake.
    I’m YUKI not TUKI.

    • Yuki, I think you deleted your original post, so I have replaced it here:

      Wow! I didn’t know that there was such a website in Japanese for English learners who want to read English books.
      Your student has read 25 books for about 5 months !
      He’s great! He reads at least 5 books a month, right ?
      It’s one of the best ways of learning English!
      The name of ” TADO KING ( 多読王国 tadoku okoku ) is interesting, isn’t it?
      I just flicked through the website, there was the detailed information about the number of the pages, etc. other than the reviews.
      They say that the user is ” TADOKIST ” that lives in ” TADO KING “.
      I’d try to be a TADOKIST.
      Thanks for telling us about the good website.

      I hope you can take advantage of being a ‘tadokist’ too!

  2. Hello Hannah!

    I bought this book today.

    Is this a book which wrote about you?
    Acorrding to 多読王国, this book has 55,000 words and YL (difficulty) is 5.0.
    I have never read a difficult and long story like this.
    But I’ll try it!

  3. Yasu, it made me smile when I saw the title of your new book! Thank you! I hope it’s good! Please tell me what it is about after you have read it! Good luck!
    If you can recommend any particular books to English learners that you have enjoyed, please comment.
    Enjoy finding me!


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