later and in

I often see errors in the use of ‘later’ and ‘in’ when talking about the future.

Use ‘later’ to mean ‘after that time’.

Use ‘in’ to mean ‘ after now’.

e.g. She got married in January. Six months LATER she got divorced.

Tess is coming on the 1st, and Eug will arrive 2 days LATER.

I’ll see you IN a few days.

Be careful! If you don’t use a time expression (e.g. a few days, tomorrow), use LATER.

I’ll see you LATER.


Now try writing your own examples using ‘in’ and ‘later’.

I hope to see them LATER, IN a short while!


You may be tested on this for TOEIC part 5 or 6 reading. Check out NELS’ website for more information about our course.



later and in」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for teaching us about ” LATER vs IN “.
    I’m always confused about how to use them.

    I’ll write the sentences using them.

    Summer has started.
    My favourite snow have already disappeared.
    I’m wondering from when I will go skiing again.
    Probably, I’ll be able to ski IN 6 months.
    The first snow will fall in the mountains IN 5 months.
    If it is any LATER than October, I might not be able to ski at the end of November.
    I’m so happy the first snow falls sooner rather than LATER.
    summer has just started , but I hardly can wait for winter.

  2. Great examples, Momo. Yes, the snow HAS gone, but IN less than 6 months’ time it’ll be back again!


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