How to learn vocabulary

Recently, A student told me about this website which gives good advice for building (increasing) your vocabulary.

It talks about how best to use a learner dictionary, gives handy hints for learning new words, and offers techniques to help you organise your learning.

On the same page are lot of links for advice about exam skills, so whether you are going to take a writing, speaking, listening or reading exam, or if you are just interested in improving your English, check out this BBC Learning Languages site. It’s great!


How to learn vocabulary」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thanks for introducing us about the website of BBC Learning English.
    BBC has a lot of contents of English for learners, I just scanned CNN and REUTERS online, but they don’t have any website for English learners.
    BBC is great! That’s why English originated in England, well done, BBC!

    On the website of ” Building Vocabulary “, there were a lot of good tips.
    All the tips are that you already taught me!
    The tip I like best is that ” NEVER LEARN A WORD IN ISOLATION ” !

    When I learned English at school, I was learned that I should memorize the meaning of a new word in Japanese individually, not in the sentence.
    I realized that his method was wrong after I met you and Nels.
    Thanks to you!

  2. Thank you for your compliments, Fuyu…and to YOU for telling me specifically about this webpage.


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