Collocations with the word ‘goal’

To commemorate the end of the World Cup, let me share with you a page where you can learn some great collocations using the word ‘goal’.

As I’m sure you know, goal has two meanings: one in sport and the other with a more general meaning.

Learn 20 collocations with ‘goal’ here.

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Collocations with the word ‘goal’」への2件のフィードバック

  1. The world cup is over, I haven’t get enough sleep for about a month.
    There were a lot of SPECTACULAR GOALS, I like Robben ( FW. The Netherlands ) ‘s goals best of them.
    His dribbling is superb!!!
    The world cup is over, midsummer is coming, I need to SET A NEW GOAL. 😋😊😙

  2. You haven’t had enough sleep for a month? I know what you mean!
    What’s your new goal? Good luck in reaching it, Yuki.


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