News English: ‘Dumbwalking’

These days, when you are walking along the street, do you ever have to avoid someone who is about to walk into you because they haven’t seen you? And why haven’t they seen you? Because they have had their face down looking at their phone.

I read an article on the BBC today which talks about this issue. It’s rather long, but is a good read.

Shorter and easier to understand, is the YouTube video which shows what Docomo, Japan’s biggest phone company, think would happen if everyone was using their phone as they crossed Japan’s busiest junction In Shibuya, Tokyo. It’s rather funny, but also worrying at the same time. No wonder it’s been called ‘dumb (ie. stupid) walking!’

Let me know what you think.


News English: ‘Dumbwalking’」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It’s such interesting article and video!
    I’ve just changed my GAREKEI ( garapagos keitai ) for a smartphone.
    I haven’t yet been quite used to the smartphone.
    I miss my beloved GARAKEI.
    I see a sea of Smartphone-Using walkers outside every day.
    ~~~~ their head down, arms outstretched, looking like Zombies trying to find human prey when they ‘re staring at a smartphone screen ~~~~~~~
    This sentence of the article really express the smartphone walk well !

    What if everyone was texting while walking at Shibuya crossing ?
    The result of the simulation is really horrible!!!
    On the video, 1500 people who are using their smartphone cross , then, only about 500 people can finish crossing, the rest of people are still in the intersection although the light has already turned red.

    I wonder if this video was made by DOCOMO.
    I think people should watch it before they get a smartphones.

  2. I agree with you, Yuria. I don’t think that people realise that they don’t walk straight, and lose their awareness of their surroundings when they walk and use their phones. Or maybe they just don’t care about the potential danger or annoyance it causes to others!!


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