Confusing words

Would you like to know the difference between

  • start & begin
  • close & shut
  • end & finish
  • listen & hear?

Find out here.

And go here for a superb bank of confusing words that you can watch, listen and read on videos on YouTube.

The advice that comes with learning confusing words is not just to learn the rules, but also to see lots of examples of HOW the words are used, and then, of course, to start using them yourself. I’ll begin by saying how often I see the word ‘close’ instead of ‘closed‘ on shop doors here in Japan! I’ll finish by writing

The end.

I’m sure you can do much better with your examples! Please share them with me.






Confusing words」への2件のフィードバック

  1. I watched the video of the ” Confusing Verbs in English “.
    I’ll make the sentences using them.

    ( on the phone )
    I just CLOSED ( SHUT ) the front door.
    Yeah, I’m going to my office.
    I got into the car now.
    It’s about to START the engine.

    ( minutes later )

    I’ll take a Flamenco lesson after work.
    I really want to be a good dancer so I need to LISTEN to the teacher eagerly. The lesson ENDS at 8 pm, we haven’t seen each other recently, so I’m wondering you could go out for dinner with me.
    Do you have some time?

    Great! I can’t wait for tonight!

    What’s that? I just HEARD something like a loud crash.

    You’re right, I just passed by a construction site.
    What will they built? I haven’t the slightest idea.

    By 3pm, I have to FINISH handing in some reports to my boss, so I’ll do my best!

    OK, catch you later.

    And also I watched the one of 23 videos ” Confusing Words & Common Errors ” , it’s ” What’s the real difference : BETWEEN & AMONG ? “.
    I understood the difference easily. I wanted to know about it.
    It’s such a useful video!
    I’ve already saved the 23 videos, I’m going to watch one by one.
    Thank you!


  2. Good effort, Yuria!
    Just a couple of minor errors here:
    ‘I’m about to start the engine’
    ‘What will they build?’
    Enjoy the rest of the videos.


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