Did you say walk or work?

I often think this when I am listening to people talk, and sometimes it can be hard to guess even with context.

For example:

I work every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

I walk every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Therefore, to make your pronunciation of these words clearer, try this tip:

‘walk’ sounds like ‘talk’

‘work’ sounds like ‘were’

Practise saying ‘talk, walk, talk, walk’, and ‘were, work, were, work’, and then every time you want to say ‘walk’ or ‘work’, say ‘talk’ or ‘were’ to yourself before you speak. That way, your pronunciation will be clear and easily understood.

Give it a go!


Did you say walk or work?」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Wow It’s a great tip! ~ TALK : WALK WERE : WALK ~ I’m writing now speaking them aloud! Thank you, Hannah! I’ll say them to myself everyday until the difference of the pronunciations of them are clear.



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