Did you say bold or bald?

This is another pair of words that I know English language learners find hard to distinguish:

‘I think I’m getting bald.’ (‘going bald’ is a more natural phrase)

‘I think I’m getting bold.’ (‘getting bolder’ would be more natural)

Think of ‘bald’ and ‘called’  – they rhyme (sound the same) in British English.

Think of ‘bold’ and ‘told’ – they rhyme too.

Then practise saying ‘called, bald, called, bald’

and ‘told, bold, told, bold’.

You could also try ‘cold’ or ‘sold’ with ‘bold’, and the word ‘tall’ is pronounced the same as ‘bal-‘ of ‘bald’.


Let me know any other words that you have problems telling the difference between.


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  1. Wow! Again, it’s a great tip! ” bald vs bold “, they are confusing pronunciation words, BALD – CALLED, BOLD – TOLD, BALD – COLD – SOLD – TALL , I need to practise them . My confused pronunciations are ” RUN – RAN, SUNG- SANG, etc ” . Could you teach me the differences ?



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