Did you say run or ran? Sung or sang?

Following on in my theme to help you distinguish similar sounding words, try these:

To practice making ‘run’ and ‘ran’ sound different, repeat these:

run, bun, fun

ran, can, man

For ‘sang’ and ‘sang’:

sang, bang, sang, bang

sung, hung (or tongue – /tʌŋ/), sung, hung, (tongue)

There are several more words that rhyme (sound the same). Can you think of any? Then you can practice with a list of words that all have the same sound except for the first letter sound.


Did you say run or ran? Sung or sang?」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Thank you for telling us the difference of them.
    I understand them and I’ll practise.
    Again, could I ask you about ” HORRIBLE WORDS ” ?
    These are ” ROE , RAW, and ROW ” !!!
    I’m always confused. Could you give us a great tip to recognise and understand the differences of these pronunciations ?



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