Did you say row, or roe, or was it raw?

From a request from Fuyu, here are my tips to tell the difference between  these words ROE , RAW, and ROW.

Firstly, ‘roe’ and ‘row’ are pronounced the same, and sound just like ‘go’ and ‘so’.  So row roe go!

‘Raw’ /rɔː/ UK    /rɑː/ US, in British English rhymes with ‘or’ and ‘door’. Repeat ‘Raw or door’ slowly and clearly. All three words should sound the same.


Did you say row, or roe, or was it raw?」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Thank so much for the great tips!!!
    I’ll practise them .

    Again, could I ask you some ?

    That is ” ROW “, I’ve forgotten to ask you about another pronunciation of of ” ROW “, the meaning is ” Quarrel or Noise ” , the pronunciation is ” ran “. I’m getting confused while writing.
    I know you should recognise the difference between ” ROW ( line, row a boat ) and ” ROW ( quarrel, noise ) in the content, but if you have some tips to practise the difference of them, please teach us!



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