Did you say ‘dairy’ or ‘daily’?

If you look at the pronunciation, you can see some differences between  DAIRY /ˈdeə.ri/ and  DAILY /ˈdeɪ.li/.

The ‘dair of ‘ dairy is like ‘hair’, so repeat ‘hair -ry dair-ry’.

The ‘dai’ of ‘daily is like ‘day’. There aren’t any common rhyming words, so repeat ‘day dai-ly’.

The main difficulty for Japanese speakers is the difference between /l/ and /r/.  Practise ‘ry’ and ‘ly’.

(Take a look at Rachel’s English videos on l and r for some good tips about these sounds – or come to my next pronunciation lesson!)

Then say ‘dair – ry’ and ‘dai – ly’ slowly, making sure your mouth is in the correct position to make /r/ and /l/ at the end.

Finally, practise saying the full words, smoothly linking the ‘dair – ry’ to ‘dairy’ and ‘dai – ly’ to ‘daily’.

Next up, I’ll explain the difference between CLUB and CRAB…

Still to come:





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  1. Wow, I read your explanation 3 times speaking aloud.
    The distinction of” L ” & ” R ” is difficult to pronounce,
    But keeping practicing every day is the best way to be able to pronounce perfectly , Thank you .



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