‘th’ pronunciation practise in sentences

As promised from my most recent pronunciation lesson on the ‘th’ sounds, if you follow this link you can download and view or print out some excellent practise sentences for ‘th.

Use the cards as flash cards and practise them everyday, remembering to ‘touch your tongue’!



‘th’ pronunciation practise in sentences」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Thank you for the pronunciation class on 21st.
    The lesson ” th & th + s & the + s ” was very useful for the learners !
    Touching your tongue by your finger when you pronounce ” th ” , this method is really great ! ” th ” sound is difficult for Japanese to pronounce,
    I think this lesson is worth taking !
    I’d like to say that your ” th ” pronunciation will dramatically change better if you take the lesson for 2 hours !
    Thank you !



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