Going to the beach at the ‘right time’ in Japan

As a foreigner living in Japan, there are often times when things are just, well, different from home. That’s one thing that makes life interesting here.

This article from the BBC news website describes and explains one such difference – about going to the beach only at the ‘right time’.

If you are Japanese, do you agree with the article?

If you are not, what happens in your country?

In the UK, we go to the beach all year round. In fact, recently it has become a tradition in my family to go to the beach on Christmas day…albeit wearing a bit more than a swim suit!

Xmas Day walk (2)

Photo taken on Christmas Day 2012 at my local beach in Wales.


Going to the beach at the ‘right time’ in Japan」への2件のフィードバック

  1. It’s a very interesting article ! Yes, that’s true! Even though the temperature is high enough to swim, Japanese people don’t swim and most of them never go to the beach in Sep. Yes, one of the reason is the existence of jellyfish. And another reason is that ( have you ever heard that ? ) sprits of our ancestors come back to home during BON holidays and if you go to the beach on that time, it is said that some bad sprits of them pull you into the sea, it means you drown or die. Therefore Japanese people don’t want to go!
    I think it’s kind of a superstition but most Japanese people believe it.
    On another note, as for fireworks, we enjoy going to see the big fireworks at the festival and they are held in everywhere in Japan during summer, but when September comes, the big fireworks festivals don’t be held and we don’t enjoy fireworks in Sep. even by ourselves at home.
    You told me that in the U.K., Guy Fawkes Night ( fireworks fest. ) is held in every Nov. When I heard that, I was very surprised!
    But I’d like to see it one day !
    By the way,the photo on your blog is someone of your family ?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Fuyu. Yes, in Japan, firework displays AREN’T held in September. And, yes, the photo is of my family.



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