Did you say ‘glove’ or ‘globe’?

In another of my pronunciation  clarification posts, let me explain the difference between ‘glove’ and ‘globe’.

Put the glove/globe over there.

This is about the difference between /v/ and /b/.

/b/ is a pair sound with /p/ and your lips touch.

/v/ is a pair sound with /f/ and your lips don’t touch. Your top teeth can lightly rest on your bottom lip.

Both /b/ and /v/ are voiced sounds where you use your voice to make the sounds. (You don’t use your voice to make /p/ and/f/.)

For more information about how to make these sounds, look here for /b/ and /p/. Look here for /v/ and /f/.


Did you say ‘glove’ or ‘globe’?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. ” V ” sound is difficult for Japanese to pronounce, because we don’t have ” V” sound. ( ex: Niseko Village Ski course : as for ” Village “, we say, ” BILEGI ” . ) Every time you focus on the ” V” sound, you can pronounce it,
    but if you don’t concentrate on it, you often pronounce ” V ” as a sound ” B” , so I need to keep on paractising the ” V” sound!

  2. That’s right, Yuria. Some sounds, including /v/ are hard for Japanese speakers. First you need to be made aware of the difference between Japanese and English pronunciation, then you need to learn how to make the English sound, and then you just need to remember how to make it, and remember to use it! But you can do it!



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