Pronunciation video /m/, /n/, and ng

Recently, before my next pronunciation classes I have been making promotional videos about the upcoming class. Check out the latest one for the sounds /m/, /n/ and ng on YouTube here:


Pronunciation video /m/, /n/, and ng」への2件のフィードバック

  1. ” m ” & ” n ” , I understand the difference between them in my mind, but when I speak English , especially in conversations, I often forget to distinguish the sounds , it means I pronounce them as the same.
    I think it’s not easy to use the “m” and ” ” n” distinguishably , but I’d like to reach a level that I can pronounce both of 2 sounds correctly in conversations.
    I think ” m” & ” n” & ” ng ” pron. class is my first time at Nels , I’m really looking forward to the class.

  2. Thanks, Momo. Yes, knowing the difference between the sounds is one thing, but REMEMBERING to MAKE the difference is more difficult! See you on Sunday.


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