Student’s work

S work

I set one of my student’s the homework of writing a storyboard. This is what she came up with. Isn’t it great?!


Student’s work」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Wow! It’s a amazing 4-frame carton strips in English !!!
    Yes, the student’s English is very Good! it’s easy to understand for English learners, and the carton is Fantastic! He or she is very good at drawing cartons , too ! When you learn English, using drawings is very good !
    I’m not good at drawing, but I’d love to see the next 4- frame carton strips in English !
    I can’t wait ! Thanks,

  2. Thanks for your comment, Fuyu. (Look again at what you wrote and see if you can spot any little errors such as capital letters and spellings. ;-))

  3. Ok, ” It’s easy to understand for English learners ….” . I have no idea about my errors of the spellings , could you tell me them ?

  4. OK, cartoon not carton, good not Good, and fantastic, not Fantastic 😉

  5. OK, I understood, thanks,


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