The easy way to understand tenses in English

Strictly speaking there are actually only 2 tenses in the English language: present tense, and past tense. However, there are 16 different aspects of tense which makes it difficult for English learners to work out if they should be using the past perfect simple, the present perfect continuous, or any of the 14 others!

But don’t worry! Look at these easy to understand tense charts which show you simply  the situation in which we use each of the tense aspects. Study the image, read about it below, then click the arrow on the right to study the next.

Then, why not write your own sentences for each of the 19 situations presented in the charts! Good luck!

Being able to use tenses well in English will help you get a good TOEIC score. It will also help you in 英検 and TOEFL tests in understanding written texts.



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