Christmas is coming! Why I love December

I love December! Why? Because for me, in Sapporo it is when the snow begins to fall which means I can do my favourite thing – snowboarding! I know lots of people don’t like snow, and I understand why – it’s difficult to get around, it’s cold, wet, and becomes dirty quickly. But, to me it gives me energy, and is fresh, pure, and beautiful. My perfect day is when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the ground is covered with fresh snow, and I am at the top of a mountain with a snowboard! I can’t wait!

Another thing I love about December is Christmas. I love going home to the UK to see my family. My little niece and nephew get so excited. DSCN9451

They also have their birthdays near Christmas, like almost all of my family does, so it’s even more exciting for them. I usually spend Christmas Day with my family, and then after Christmas, I go to my brother’s and we have a second Christmas. This year will be extra special, as I’ll see my cousin David, who you may already have met as he’s been in Sapporo and played a concert for us at NELS. I also have a special friend from Japan visiting so I’m looking forward to showing her what Christmas is like in the UK.

On Christmas Day my family always goes to the beach with our dog. She loves chasing sticks and stones in the waves. Xmas Day walk (2)

We exchange presents and even the pets get gifts too.

Xmas eve

We eat a big Christmas dinner around 1 o’clock, which is usually turkey, although sometimes we may have duck or goose, and lots of roast potatoes and vegetables all cooked in the oven. It’s my favourite meal of the year!


We then have Christmas cake which my mum makes in October or November.


Later, we have a light meal of maybe cheese and crackers and importantly, Christmas pudding! Christmas is a family day with lots of food and drink. I love it!

This was when me and my family went to a very old local pub:DSCN9462

At NELS we are going to celebrate with a Christmas Party on Saturday December 13th at The Curious Fox Pub here in Sapporo. For more information, check here.

For more information about NELS, go here  .



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