Linking pronunciation class homework answers

Thanks to the students who came to my latest pronunciation class. We studied different rules about linking: consonant-vowel links, vowel-vowel links with an added /w/ or/j/ sound, and same or similar consonant-consonant links.

Try to mark in all the links below. You’ll find the answers underneath.

A: But Tom, I really want to go out with them today. I already missed two opportunities and was late twice too.

B: Not today, Amy. I’ve finished work now and have got to collect Tim from Mandy’s so I need the car.

  1. I want two apples and one big grapefruit.
  2. Both the windows are broken.
  3. My friend isn’t going to be on time.
  4. I can’t tell when Neil’s joking.
  5. These are the best tomatoes I’ve ever had.

Below are the answers.

_ = consonant-vowel links, vowel-vowel links with an added /w/ or/j/ sound

– = same or similar consonant-consonant links

A: But-Tom, I really want-to (or wanna) go_/w/_out with-them today. I_/j/_already missed-two_/w/_opportunities_and was late-twice too.

B: Not-today,_/j/_ Amy. I’ve-finished work now_and have got-to (or gotta) collect-Tim from-Mandy’s-so I need-the car.

  1. I want-two_/w/_apples_and_one big-grapefruit.
  2. Both-the windows_are broken.
  3. My friend_isn’t going to be_/j/_on time.
  4. I can’t-tell when Neil’s joking.
  5. These_are the best-tomatoes I’ve_ever had.

How did you do? Don’t forget it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you SAY the sentences ALOUD to practise. Have fun!


(Thanks to Oxford Online English for the sentences.)



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