NELS Easteryaki party!

Maybe you’ve heard of Easter, and if you’re Japanese or know the language, you’ll know yaki, meaning grilled, but what happens if you put them together? You get Easteryaki! Normally the word before yaki is tako, meaning octopus, and takoyaki are round balls of dough with octopus inside:

Image result for takoyaki image
However, NELS has put a twist on this idea, which means we not only make traditional takoyaki, but we use our own unique fillings too. How about ham and cheese, or, as it’s Easter, why not try chocolateyaki? Trust me, it’s delicious!
To see photos from our previous parties, and for more information in Japanese, check out our website here, and our Facebook page here.
There will also be fun quizzes and games so you can learn about the more traditional aspects of Easter.
Why not join us?
Image result for takoyaki image


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