Day 4: Good Day!

…and that is both ‘Good day to you’ and ‘I’ve had a good day’! It was a national holiday here today which means that, well, I don’t have a holiday (!), but that’s good as I always enjoy my teaching. And, I actually learned some useful Spanish from one of my English students today which I will pass on to my own Spanish student! Thanks! I hope she also learned something from me today!

More snow here today which began as rain, went through a phase of being sleet, pretended to be hail, and ended up as scary black ice which resulted in my first, and hopefully only, fall off my bike this winter. (Yes, I know I said this was a good day, and one wouldn’t normally think that a leg of bruises constitutes such joy, but I guess that was more of the adventurous, or should that be treacherous, part of the day!) Already minus 2, and since last Sunday’s snow + gale + thunder and lightening brigade came to town, I can officially announce winter’s arrival! Just bring on more of the white fluffy stuff and take me to the mountains to play, I say!

So what else was good about today, I hear you say. Lunch with a friend was lovely – good chat, good food, and even some good Japanese study in there. But now I know what everyone does on a holiday – they eat out!

Anyway, I always feel good when I feel like I’ve had a productive day which involves doing things I enjoy, plus I think the white icing of snow (albeit black and slippery!) will always make me smile. Today’s productivity came in the form of shooting a demo lesson video for NELS. Now I don’t like being in front of a camera, and teaching to no one but a screen is also a little surreal, and having to do this, knowing that someone else can hear is well, impossible for me and my shy self. But today, I was alone with just my lens, and so, about 8 takes later, and a whole load of editing to come, we may have a first video. I’ll let you know when it goes public! Hollywood…..don’t worry, I won’t be asking for an invite!

Right, that’s all for today, and now I think I’ll give myself a dose of retro Friends, season 2, or will it be Desperate Housewives? Decisions, decisions!



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